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Veterinary Tech Training Programs

Veterinarian technicians are in demand. However, those interested in taking veterinary tech programs should realize that the job, although very rewarding, is challenging and often deals with life and death situations.

This being said, there are many different options of study, with varying levels of competency and certifications.

Many institutions offer courses in veterinary tech training. The degrees given will range from a certificate or an associates degree, which can be completed in 2 years or less, all the way to a bachelors degree. Some even offer masters degrees. A higher level of schooling usually translates into more on-the-job responsibility as well as more pay.

Some of the things you will learn in vet tech training including:

  • How to obtain and record patient health histories
  • How to collect specimens and perform common lab procedures
  • How to deliver specialized nursing care for different situations
  • How to prepare animals, medical instruments and medical equipment for surgical procedures
  • How to assist in preventative, diagnostic and other medical procedures
  • How to expose, prepare and develop x-rays
  • How to supervise and train other veterinary clinic employees
  • How to stock and maintain medicines and supplies

For those interested in studying at home, there are many veterinary tech online programs. They are as valid as studying at an institution and offer an important alternative for those who do not live near a campus or can not attend courses.

Some programs will require prerequisites in certain sciences such as biology and chemistry.

Full blown and advanced courses during study will include radiology, surgical methods, animal husbandry, various medical techniques and comparative human and animal anatomy. In addition, practical experience will be required, meaning hands on work with animals.

This is even true for online programs. Many have associations with vets in places throughout the country. Here, students studying online are able to get the required practical experience necessary to become a licensed professional.

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