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Veterinary Tech Jobs & Careers

Persons who love animals and have an avid interest in medicine may wish to consider the possibility of earning a degree in the area of veterinary tech jobs. There is a growing need for people who are certified in this area. In order to become a veterinary technician, interested individuals will need to obtain a two or three year degree at an accredited institution.

There are also several specialty certifications that can be obtained in such areas as emergency and critical care, surgery, oncology, neurology, clinical practice, and small or large animal internal medicine, for those who wish to pursue further education in the area of advanced veterinary technician skills.

Vet Tech Job Duties

The duties of the veterinary technician require assisting the veterinarian with a wide variety of very important services. Veterinary tech jobs include doing venipuncture and collection of urine.

They will perform laboratory procedures that are routine in nature in the areas of testing, hematology, urinalysis, and biochemistry, among others. Persons who are qualified for vet tech jobs will assist the veterinarian with physical examinations.

They will also provide assistance with procedures that the veterinarian will need during surgery. People who have vet tech jobs will be responsible for the administering and maintaining of anesthesia during surgical procedures.

They will work directly with the veterinary patients while performing such tasks as cleaning teeth, the application of splints, administering medications, and performing catheterizations, among others.

A few of the tasks a veterinary technician may perform include:

  • Routing physical exams
  • Pet dental exams and procedures
  • Spaying and neutering
  • Immunizations and other preventative treatments
  • Birth procedures and sometimes euthanasia

Where to Find Vet Tech Jobs

Once you have the necessary training and certification, finding available veterinary technician positions should not be a problem. Vet clinics all over the country are regularly hiring well trained individuals to fill open positions.

You can look in your local newspaper, online at job sites like Indeed, HotJobs, Monster and other places or in online classified ads such as Craigslist.

When you find open positions, make sure your resume lists any specialized training you may have received as well as any career experience you may have from past jobs, internships or even your vet tech schooling.

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