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Veterinary Tech Job Duties

Veterinary tech duties are surprisingly comprehensive. Although these workers do not possess the same level of training and education as regular veterinarians, veterinary technicians are responsible for many different aspects of an animal’s health care.

In order to free up time that allows the resident veterinarian to attend to more complicated issues, a veterinary technician must typically attend to many routine tasks regarding an animal’s medical care.

In a private veterinary clinic setting, a vet tech may be assist in:

  • Routing physical exams
  • Pet dental exams and procedures
  • Spaying and neutering
  • Immunizations and other preventative treatments
  • Birth procedures and sometimes euthanasia

Veterinary tech responsibilities include the collection of samples that can be checked for disease or abnormalities. These workers might take an animal’s blood, gather a fur or skin sample, or collect a urine sample for further analysis.

Once the results from these tests have come back, the veterinary technician is responsible for recording the gathered information in an orderly and efficient manner.

A veterinary technician might administer basic treatments to an animal, such as the application of flea medication or the cleansing or minor wounds.

Finally, it is the veterinary technician’s duty to ensure that an animal is as calm and collected as possible before being treated by the regular veterinarian.

Although veterinary tech responsibilities can be stressful, most people who are involved in this field find their jobs to be very rewarding. People who love animals and are interested in their medical care tend to see veterinary tech duties as a labor of love rather than a demanding job.

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