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Veterinary Technician Career, Training & Schooling Overview

The medical care of an animal can be a complicated and time consuming process, and veterinarians cannot provide their clients’ pets with all of the assistance that they need on their own.

Veterinary technicians are extremely helpful to veterinarians in that they take care of tasks that would have otherwise taken up the veterinarian’s valuable time.

Job Description, Roles & Responsibilities

The role of a veterinary technician to a veterinarian is analogous to the relationship between a nurse and a doctor. Veterinary technicians perform routine tasks such as testing an animal’s blood, inspecting an animal for certain diseases, and collecting tissue samples.

It is vital that veterinary technicians receive proper training and education in order to ensure that they can perform these tasks safely and efficiently.

Education & Training Overview

Veterinary technicians typically receive an associate’s degree from one of several accredited veterinary tech schools. Four-year bachelor programs are also offered at some institutes, and veterinary technicians that possess a higher level of education generally enjoy better job opportunities and higher salaries than those who have only achieved the associate’s level.

However, two-year veterinary technician programs are overwhelmingly prevalent in this field.

Schools & Colleges

There are numerous different schools for veterinary technicians, all of which have been certified by the AVMA. Some popular institutions include Kaplan College, Harrison College, Vancouver Career College, and the Penn-Foster Schools.

Most prospective veterinary technicians are able to locate an appropriate school in or around their home state.

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